What Our Customers Say

I love my Puzzles!

It was easy to place my order for Perfect Peace Puzzles. Step by step instructions were good. I received my order in a reasonable time. I just love the purple velvet pouch that the puzzle comes in. Great color! 

L.S., Maryland - Verified Review
Best Experience!

I loved my experience ordering a puzzle from Perfect Peace Puzzles. The delivery was timely and smooth and the presentation of the puzzle itself was so nice with the box and bow. 

S.R., Georgia - Verified Review
Well-Made Puzzles!

If you are looking to support a small, Black woman-owned puzzle business, I strongly recommend Perfect Peace Puzzles! Ty Lewis' photography is truly a gem on these little puzzle pieces as I am completely enamored with all of the rich colors and gorgeous subjects. I truly felt like I was a part of a close-knit community of puzzlers which was a unique experience for me.

L.N., Maryland - Verified Review
I am Inspired!

I am very happy with my Perfect Peace Puzzles - the design and inspirational message are perfect to relax and reflect on. The care in the design and message and professionalism in the website and punctual delivery all together make it a treasured purchase. I look forward to enjoying others in the future.

Anonymous - Verified Review
Best Product!

I purchased the puzzle, "Pathway Forward" for my sister because I liked the visual message it portrayed. I love my sister and want her to move forward in her life and leave the hurt and pain she experienced behind.

J.L., New Jersey - Verified Review
My Puzzle is Perfect!

The puzzle I bought from Perfect Peace Puzzles is just that — perfect! The image on the puzzle is gorgeous. I love that it comes in a small bag instead of a box — it’s a great space-saver! I’ll definitely be ordering from Perfect Peace Puzzles again. These puzzles will be excellent holiday gifts! 

K.P., Kentucky - Verified Review
Re-learning how to sit still!

These are soooo beautiful! I got one for a family member and one for myself too. After the last few years, I need to re-learn how to sit still and just be. Thank you so much for sharing your healing process with us!

A.S., Illinois - Verified Review
I will be back for more!

The moment my puzzle arrived, I was excited to start working on it. It was so soothing. So much love and intention was put into creating these puzzles, and it definitely shows. I will be purchasing additional puzzles to share with my family and friends…because they can’t have mine! :-)

T.G., Maryland - Verified Review
I can't wait!

I love the story behind Perfect Peace Puzzles & its creation. Looking forward to completing my first puzzle.

Anonymous - Verified Review
Made Just For Me!

I received Ty's puzzle for my birthday and it felt really special, like something made just for me. Especially the purple velvety bag holding the pieces! She's thought of every detail.

L.O., New York - Verified Review
Beautiful Packaging!

The puzzle was presented to me in beautiful packaging and the picture is very clear. I absolutely love it. This helps families or couples spend more quality time together.

Anonymous - Verified Review
An anti-anxiety experience!

As a controlling, get it done quickly kind of individual, putting the [Pathway Forward] puzzle together started out a little stressful for me. I don’t have much patience for not being in control of things, i.e, putting puzzle’s together. I finally found my zen, relaxed a little, and "got it done!!" It was a great anti-anxiety experience.

B.L., Maryland - Verified Review
Spending more quality time together!

The puzzle was presented to me in Beautiful packaging and the picture is very clear. I absolutely love it. This helps families or couples spend more quality time together.

Anonymous - Verified Review
Enjoy the Green Frog Sitting Puzzle!

I enjoy putting the bright green frog puzzle with my nine-year-old grandson!!!

L.K., Maryland - Verified Review
It's relaxing!

I'm finished with the puzzle. I like the size of the pieces. Thank you again. I put it together in 2 sittings. I'm gonna take it apart and do it again. It's relaxing. Try it,

M.T., Louisiana - Verified Review
Great Quality!

Great puzzle! Great colors! Great quality! 

S.L.J., Michigan - Verified Review
Calming Experience

These puzzles can be a calming and focusing, as well as, engaging experience.

F.G, Georgia - Verified Review
My family loves these puzzles!

It was a great experience. My family loves these puzzles. It’s definitely something we will talk about for times to come. Thank you again for the great work.

Anonymous - Verified Review